You will not make any pictures

"Thou shalt not make thyself an engraved image, nor any representation of the things which are in the heavens above, which are in the earth below, and which are in the waters below the earth. "Exodus. 20:4

There is only one possible image of God according to the Christian religion: Jesus, God who became man. It is one of the Ten Commandments.
So what is my smartphone for? Israel, the Holy Land, the Promised Land, a land of conflicts, a land of tourism. Jews, Muslims and Christians agree: this country is the country of the birth of the three great monotheistic religions. Countless lines of travellers, pilgrims and curious people flock to visit the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, the Wailing Wall or the Hourva Synagogue. We play the game, put on a kippah, then discover each other. And we see all around terrifying human masses, coming from all over the planet to touch the rock, the wall, the dust. The Holy One, the sacred one.

So everywhere, selfie poles, smartphones, reflexes and cameras struggle to keep an image. To say "I was there. I touched the stone, I knelt down. I prayed. "And along the souks, the sacred is cheap: whatever your religion, you will find here the right mug, ashtray or t-shirt to remember your dreams.
Sacred image at 20 euros.